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This release provides various bug fixes and minor updates to Web Tracks.
This release provides various bug fixes and minor updates to Web Tracks.
This release provides various bug fixes to Web Tracks.


I have finally been able to get a handle on my Help-Desk, Knowledge Base, and PC Inventory activities!

The haphazard assortment of Word, Excel, e-mails and other documents that used to be my knowledge base are gone and replaced with this single easy-to-use, yet powerful system.

I was in the position of having to ‘re-invent the wheel’ because I couldn’t remember how I last solved a particular problem or couldn’t remember where I stored the solution from last time. I am now equipped to build a vast, ever-growing library of searchable knowledge that I can tap into and retrieve from within seconds.

The PC Audit feature is amazing! I was able to collect the hardware inventory and software installations on all of our workstations just by triggering the audit tool to run via a simple logon script. This has saved me an immense amount of time and effort.

All at a great price! This is a must-have for any IT/IS department big or small.”

Art Optical

From the standpoint of managing an internal IT department, the software is designed with the System Administrator in mind. I have been using this software now to manage our Provincial WAN for over two years and I must say Web Tracks is a piece of software that has been well thought out, clean cut and just plain useful. It just keeps getting better and better. It accommodates our IT business cycle quite well from the ordering of equipment to its disposal.

From the standpoint of a Systems Integrator, the IIS interface is allows my business to be quite proactive in resolving calls. Customizable reports have allowed me to very accurately depict the overall amount of time it takes to support my clients (information which is very powerful!). The client also benefits as they are able to track all my progress.”


I had a chance to review my budget last week and came across the entry for the purchase of Mouse Tracks Help Desk Software. I am glad to report that after using the program for 6 months, I am very pleased with my choice. The staff here at the city have had no problem with using the Help Desk Request web interface. I never get any complaints when I ask them to submit their requests. It not only helps me to track the requests I get but also is extremely helpful in delegating tasks. I especially appreciate the e-mail notification feature. This way I don't have to baby sit the program, I am aware of the requests when they are submitted. It's nice to have software that I regard as a solution. When I was reminded of the purchase of Mouse Tracks, I knew that it was money well spent.”

City of Moorpark