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Auditing Computers

Web Tracks offers a variety of options for auditing your computers and getting the information in the database.

The simplest method is to run the Computer Audit Wizard within Web Tracks.  Administrators and Users with Full Inventory Access will have access to this feature.

  1. From the main Menu Click on 'Admin'
  2. From the Admin Menu Click 'Audit Computers'
  3. From here you can choose to audit 'By Computer Name', 'by IP Range' or 'By LDAP Query'.
  4. Follow the Wizard's Instructions to Audit Computers

Web Tracks also includes a Windows Utility program named WTAudit.exe.

You can use this utility to perform the following tasks:

  • Run an automated unattended audit (via Computer Name List, IP range or LDAP Query).
  • Audit a computer that is not on your network (creates a xml file which can be imported when you are on the network).
  • Audit a computer on a remote network (computer must have access to the Web Tracks website).
  • Upload xml files to the database.

You may also import audit files through the Web Tracks interface.  To do this open Admin--Audit Computers-Import Audit Files.

See Using WTAudit.exe  for usage information.

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