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To Install Web Tracks do the following...

  1. Download the installation program (e.g., WebTracks.exe.)
  2. Double-Click the file to start the installation.
  3. Open Web Tracks and follow the Wizard to Connect to a database or Create a database.

Note: Once setup you may wish to give other users the link to the site.  The default site will be located at http://YourServerName/webtracks.

Manually Triggering the Setup Wizard
Once signed into Web Tracks an administrator can run the setup wizard by opening http://YourServer/WebTracks/setup/SetupWizard.aspx.  There is a link to this in the Admin--License & Registration page.

If you cannot get signed into Web Tracks you can open this Url by using a browser on the computer where Web Tracks is installed.  If using a browser on the computer on which Web Tracks is installed is not an option you will need to edit the web.config file located by default in C:\Program Files (x86)\Gritware\WebTracks\WebRoot.  Find the allowRemoteSetup key and change its value to "true".  After running the setup wizard and configuring your connection it is highly recommended that you change this value back to "false".

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