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Manage Attachments

Attachments in Web Tracks can be associated with Computers, Peripherals, Software Assets, Documentation, Purchase Orders, Service Desk Tickets and Knowledge Base Articles.  There may be times when you want to find an attachment in the database but don't remember the record to which the attachment was assigned.  This is where the Manage Attachments form can help.  The Manage Attachments form allows you to view all attachments for a selected module.  You can view, delete, or open the parent record which 'owns' the attachment.

To open the Manage Attachments form choose Admin--Manage Attachments

When the Manage Attachments form is open you may filter by module by using the drop down list.

Double clicking on a row or selecting a row and clicking the 'View Parent Record' will open the attachment's parent record.

Clicking a hyperlink to view/download the attachment.

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