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Navigating Web Tracks

Web Tracks uses a powerful grid control for data presentation. This grid control is very user friendly and should reduce the time you spend searching for a particular record.  This help section will refer to lists in general. Please note that not all grids support every feature described. For example, some grids do not support the duplicate record feature.  Below are descriptions of some of the command buttons that you will see in the lists.




Export List This will bring up a form to allow you to export the list to Excel, PDF, RTF or CSV formats.

List Box Settings This will open the List Box Settings form. From this form you can choose the columns and the order of the columns that will appear in your list view.

Duplicate Record This will duplicate the currently selected record.

Add Filters Opens the filter builder where you can filter on any of the fields in the grid. 

Quick Filter
Some of the lists include a 'Quick Filter' option. For example, the computer list opens with the default option 'All'. You can quickly filter the list by choosing 'Allocated' or 'Not Allocated'.  Other examples of quick filters are text boxes at the top of the Help Desk and Knowledge Base forms.   

Record Selection
To select a record in Web Tracks simply click on a row in the grid.  In Web Tracks 9.0 and newer most of the grid views support multi-selection.  To select multiple records you can hold down the 'Ctrl' key.  To select a range of records you can hold down the 'Shift' key.  This is useful when you want to perform a support action on multiple records (e.g., delete).

Sorting Lists
You can sort the list on any of the columns by clicking on the column header. A subsequent click on the column header will sort the list in descending order. You may sort by multiple columns by holding down the shift key.

The major grid views in Web Tracks support a right-click context menu.  You can access the default grid tasks such as add/edit or delete via this context menu.  Some grids allow you to perform other task related to the module.  For example in the service desk grid, technicians can add a comment to a ticket or change its priority from the context menu.  Right-clicking on a grid's header will bring up the field chooser window where you can drag and drop fields to the grid (to add a column) or drop columns from the grid into the field chooser window to remove a column. 

Double Click on an item to perform the default task for that item. For example, double clicking a computer would open up the computer detail form, while double clicking on a report would open up the report preview.  Many grids also hyperlink the key field.  Clicking on this hyperlink also performs the default task.

Customizable Views
The major lists in Web Tracks support Customizable Views.  To the upper-right of the grid will see a drop down list with a gear button next to it.  Here you can create multiple views of a grid and quickly change between the views.  For example, in your computer list you could have a view named servers and filter the list on the operating systems that have 'server' in their name.  The field chooser and sort settings are also customizable for each view.  When you create a new view it will always copy the current view that you are using.  Changes to your current view are automatically saved.

Grid Settings are saved per named users within Web Tracks.

After sizing your columns perform a sort on the grid before navigating away from the page.  This will force the grid to save its settings.