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Upsizing to SQL Server

IMPORTANT: Web Tracks will only operate with SQL Server with an Enterprise Registration Key.

If you purchased the Enterprise Edition of Web Tracks, you have the option of upsizing your Database to SQL Server. Doing so eliminates the corruption issues associated with large Microsoft Access databases, speeds up performance across WAN connections, and provides a highly scalable database.  Web Tracks supports SQL Server 2008 through 2017.

1.  Open Web Tracks in a browser on the computer where Web Tracks was installed.

2.  In Web Tracks navigate to Admin -- License & Registration.

2.  Click on the "Setup Wizard" link near the bottom of the page* 

3.  Choose "Upsize Current Access Database to SQL Server"

4.  Follow the Setup Wizard steps through completion.

* the default Setup Wizard Url is http://YourServer/WebTracks/setup/SetupWizard.aspx