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Working with Peripherals

Peripherals in Web Tracks are typically items such as printers, monitors, USB Devices, etc...  You can choose the type of peripherals you wish to track.  If you are using Web Tracks to track a broad range of equipment, you may would want to track miscellaneous equipment as peripherals.  For example, you could create the peripheral category 'Copier', 'Telephone', or even 'Furniture'. 

To access peripheral records in Web Tracks a user must have Inventory Permissions

Defining Peripheral Types
From the Admin Menu, choose Lookup Tables -- Peripheral Types.

Allocated vs. Not Allocated
A peripheral is considered 'Allocated' when it is assigned to a computer and/or assigned to a user.  If the peripheral is 'Not Allocated', this means that it is not assigned to a computer or a user.   Assigning peripherals to computers allows you to refer to the computer as not only the CPU, but as a workstation.  The workstation might have a scanner, printer, and monitor allocated to it.  If a new employee is hired, you can simply allocate the original computer to this employee and the peripherals would follow. 

Adding Peripherals
To add a peripheral to Web Tracks, click the Add command from the Peripheral List.

You can quickly duplicate a similar peripheral record by clicking the duplicate record command on the peripheral list.  When you click this command, you will be prompted for a new peripheral tag number. 

Disposing of Peripherals
To remove a peripheral from Web Tracks, select the peripheral from the list and then click the Dispose command.  The Dispose Equipment form will then appear and you can type in any details.

Assigning Peripherals to Computers
You can assign a peripheral to a computer by selecting the Computer's Tag number in the Peripheral Detail form.  You can also assign peripherals to computers through the Computer Detail form.

Attaching Files to Peripheral Records

  1. Switch to the Attachment tab in the Peripheral Detail form
  2. Click the 'Add' Command
  3. Browse to the file
  4. Click the 'Upload' Command

The file is now stored in the database with the associated peripheral record.

For more information on Attachments see Working with File Attachments.

Linking Shared Documents to Peripheral Records
In Web Tracks you can associate documentation records with any inventory item.  To Add a shared document link to a peripheral s
witch to the Documents tab in the Peripheral Detail form

  1. Click the 'Add' Command
  2. Select the item(s) you wish to link
  3. Click Link

The documentation asset is then associated with the peripheral record.

For more information on Attachments see Working with Documentation.

Record History & Problem History
Any changes made to a peripheral record are stored in the record's history field. Viewing the history field is an easy way to see the changes made to the peripheral .  The history tab in the peripheral detail form also contains a ticket history list.  If you are using the Service Desk feature within Web Tracks, tickets can be linked to computers, peripherals and/or software products.  The history tracking features in Web Tracks makes it very simple to track the health of a peripheral from purchase through disposal.