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License & Registration

Web Tracks requires a valid Registration Key for licensed use.  If you have purchased Web Tracks, upgraded to a newer version, upgraded your user license and/or PC Audit license you will need to change your Registration Key using the License & Registration form.

The license & registration form can be opened by a Web Tracks administrator from the Admin -- License and Registration menu item.

Company Name
Enter the company name to which the database will be licensed.

Registration Key
Enter the registration key provided by Gritware.  Make sure the registration key is valid for the version of Web Tracks listed on this form. To use the Free Edition of Web Tracks type in 'FREE" for the registration key.

Upon saving the settings the Registration Information text will display the appropriate license.

If you are using or plan on using SQL Server, you will need an Enterprise License Registration Key. Web Tracks will only work with SQL Server with an Enterprise Key. With the Enterprise Key you can use Access and SQL Server databases. The Standard Edition License is limited to Access databases (MSJet 4.0 format). 

You may also request a temporary key (one which will expire) to test out the Enterprise Edition.  Send an email to support (@Gritware.com) to request an evaluation key.

If you need to purchase Web Tracks, increase your user license or add pc audit licenses visit www.gritware.com.

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