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INFO: What's New in Web Tracks 2023 (12.0.6)


Expander buttons have been added to most memo fields (note fields) to allow a larger viewing area which will reduce the need to use the scroll bar.

The program will now automatically check for updates and display the latest available update to Web Tracks administrators on the home page. It will provide the link to the most recent update details as well as a link to the download.

The "Select Target Ticket" when merging a ticket is now equipped with a Filter Row Menu option. This makes this easier to find the target ticket as you can change the filter to "Contains" rather than being forced to use "Begins With".

Fixed a bug that would error when attempting to Merge tickets with one or more common related asset.

When attachments are deleted, the name of the attachment is now included in the record's history. Previously, only the attachment ID was included.

Fixed a bug where record history was not being evaluated for documentation records.

Fixed a bug introduced in 12.0.5 that prevented verbose error messages when configuring email settings.

Added a clickable link to the following fields to get "quick info" on the drop down choice: Software Asset (CheckedOutTo), Documentation (CheckedOutTo), and Documentation (Publisher)

The Event Log now captures many additional Web Tracks actions. The following new events are now logged.
  • Pruning Tables
  • Compact & Repair (Access database only)
  • The execution of Non-Query SQL affecting one or more records
  • User Grid Column Resets
  • Cache Recycling
  • Attachment Deletions done through Manage Attachments
  • Removal of Disposed Equipment records
  • Saving License & Registration Settings
  • Saving Application Settings
  • Saving eMail Settings
  • Deletion of tickets, inventory records, purchase orders, reports, graphs, knowledge base, and Web Tracks user records
  • Unsuccessful login attempts by Web Tracks Administrators
  • Attempts to login from users who are not in the Web Tracks database

Date: Friday, August 4, 2023

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