Web Tracks Ordering Questions & Answers

Q:  How many users do I need to purchase?

A:  A user license is required for "named" users that have special logon privileges to Web Tracks (e.g., Help Desk Technicians).  End-Users who only use the Web Interface for submitting requests do not require a user license.

Q:  Do you accept purchase orders?

A:  We accept purchase orders with net 30 terms from companies within the United States.  When submitting a purchase order be sure to include the contact information (email address, physical address, and phone number) to which the license will be registered.  Purchase orders may be faxed or emailed.

Q:  Do you offer educational, or non-profit institution discounts?

A:  We offer a 15% discount to educational institutions.  We also offer a 15% discount for not for profit & government institutions.

Q:  Can I get a formal quote?

A:  Yes, to request a quote please send an email to info@gritware.com.  Please include your company name, address and phone number in the email.

Q:  Can I evaluate the Web Tracks Enterprise Edition?

A:  If you need to test the software in a multi-user or SQL server environment you can request a temporary registration key (one that will expire).  Send an email to info@gritware.com to request a temporary evaluation key.

Q:  What's included in Maintenance?

A:  All license purchases include one year of maintenance.  Major and Minor upgrades for the product are free of charge during this period.  Technical support and Gritware forum access is also included during this period.

Q:  How much does is cost to renew my maintenance subscription?

A:  Annual Maintenance is billed at 35% of the new license cost.  If your maintenance expires you are still elligible for upgrade pricing.  Upgrade pricing is typically 70% of the full license cost.  It is less expensive to stay current with maintenance than to forgo renewing and purchase upgrades.  Staying current on maintenance also assures you continuous access to technical support.

Q:  I purchased Mouse Tracks and I'm current with my maintenance. Does this allow me to use Web Tracks?

A:  Yes. In 2011 we changed the name of Mouse Tracks to Web Tracks to reflect the fact that this is now a Web Application.  Web Tracks will update a Mouse Tracks 2009 database to be compatible with the latest version.  You will however need updated product keys to use with Web Tracks. Send an email to support@gritware.com with the company name to which the product is registered and we will provide you with a key that is compatible with Web Tracks.

Q:  Do you offer Web Tracks as a SaaS/Cloud application?

A:  Not at this time.  As of now the software must be installed an run from an IIS server in your environment. There are certain features of the software which wouldn't be available if we hosted this solution (AD authentication, some portions of computer auditing).  In the future we may develop some features that allow for this type of deployment. If this is something which you would like to see us pursue please voice your opinion in an email to info@gritware.com.