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Documentation, Documentation, Documentation
Since our original release of Mouse Tracks version 1 back in 1998 the documentation module has been available. Some of our customers have mentioned that the documentation module does not feel integrated like the rest of the application modules. In Web Tracks the documentation module has received a major overhaul. Documents now support the attachments feature like the other Web Tracks modules. In addition documents can be related to any Web Tracks Inventory item.

This allows for the powerful ability of shared documents within Web Tracks. For example you could now create a document record named HP Server Model XYZ Docs. Within this record you could include a pack of electronic documents that are relevant to this server. You can then easily associate this document record with all of your HP Servers. The documents module has still maintained its prior abilities to track items such as books, training materials, DVDs, etc...

How to bill clients and or departments for the time spent working on their Help Desk Requests
1. From the tools menu choose Field Translations.

2. Select the Service Desk table and find the field labeled User Bool 1.

3. Edit this translation and name it Billable?

4. The next time you are working on a service desk request you can check the Billable option.

You can also create a custom Help Desk report and have it group by your customers/departments. Simply filter this report by a specified date range as well as the billable option and youll have a summary report that you can attach to an invoice or give to your book keepers.