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Wealth Tracker Product Information

Download Wealth Tracker (version 9.44)
Information current as of: Thursday, February 01, 2018

Wealth Tracker was designed to eliminate the burdensome task of monitoring inbound wealth transfers from relinquishing institutions. As any active wealth advisor/assistant knows, one can easily lose status of multiple transfers after 1-2 weeks have lapsed. Client Name transfers can demand more time. Why not deploy software specifically designed to address this problem?

Wealth Tracker eliminates this hassle by providing an overview of all inbound transfers in a single view. It permits your assistant to keep a log of all correspondence with the relinquishing institution. Information is literally at your finger tips eliminating time-inefficient cross referencing.

Wealth Tracker invigorates your administrative process moving the inbound transfer process along in timely fashion.

Wealth Tracker was initially developed for an advisor of Sun Life Financial to help him keep track of holdings. Note: this software is neither affiliated nor endorsed by Sun Life Financial.

Key Features:

  • Tracking holdings from open to close (transfer of funds completed)
  • Highlight holdings that are past due after 21 days/flag as critical after 30 days
  • Highlighting NIGO holdings
  • Collect and store relinquishing institution contact info in one location for quick reference
  • EFPS Email notification - report wealth deposits back to EFPS team that have assisted advisor with sale
  • Notify advisors when funds have arrived to re-balance portfolio if necessary and/or notify clients
  • Send reminders to admin staff to update Sales Force Opportunities to ensure HO leads keep coming
  • File Attachment Support i.e. upload transfer docs in PDF format for easy cross referencing
  • Multi-user capabilities (e.g., one assistant can support multiple advisors)
  • Compliant software - resides on admin PC or advisor laptop with no Internet exposure

Screen Shots:


  • Windows 7 or newer with Internet Information Services Windows Feature installed
  • .NET Framework 4.0 or newer

Release Notes:

  • Version 1.01 (13-Mar-2018)

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Wealth Tracker Quick Start Guide Wealth Tracker Quick Start Guide
Wealth Tracker 1-User (includes 1 year of maintenance*) $495
Wealth Tracker 2-Users (includes 1 year of maintenance*) $945
Wealth Tracker 3-Users (includes 1 year of maintenance*) $1345
Wealth Tracker 4-Users (includes 1 year of maintenance*) $1695
Wealth Tracker 5+ Users (includes 1 year of maintenance*) $1995
All Prices are in US Dollars (USD).

Installation assistance is included with new purchases.

Includes 1 year of upgrades, email, and phone support.