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This Help Desk & IT Asset Management Software program runs on an IIS Server in your environment. You simply install the application on a computer with IIS (Internet Information Services) and you will be managing help desk requests and tracking your assets in an intuitive well organized manner. Ideally the software would be installed on a Windows Server but smaller environments may choose to install this on a PC Workstation (Windows 7+).

Once installed you will have Help Desk Software, PC Inventory Software, Asset Management Software, and Purchasing Software all in one package. The program audits and keeps track of PC's, related peripherals, software media, software licensing, documentation, purchasing and help desk tickets.

Web Tracks has many built in reports to help you manage your environment. You will have the information to perform hardware and software audits, know when it's time to replace aging equipment, see where IT dollars are being spent, monitor your technicians' time, and much more.

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Browser Based and Mobile Friendly

Web Tracks runs on IIS (Internet Information Services) 7.0 or newer on a computer in your environment. This makes deployment of the software extremely easy. Install it on a single computer and point your browser to the url. Web Tracks supports the following browsers:

Internet Explorer Internet Explorer 7.0+
Google Chrome Google Chrome 1.0+
Mozilla Mozilla Firefox 2.0+
Opera Opera 9.0+
Safari Apple Safari 3.0+

Help Desk Software

Web Tracks includes a comprehensive Help Desk system. This allows you to assign tasks and help desk tickets to your technicians. Many different reports can be generated from this information including how many hours you're working for different departments, what types of problems you spend most of your time working with, weekly work reports, etc. You can set different priority levels for tickets, and assign them to the appropriate technician. Since the help desk is integrated with Web Tracks Inventory, you will know the user and equipment you're dealing with before you approach the problem. By using the help desk, you will also build a proprietary knowledge base tailored to your unique environment. Hep Desk requests may also be linked to computers, peripherals and/or software products. This allows you to maintain a problem history for your Web Tracks Inventory. Depending on the user license you purchase for Web Tracks, you may have multiple technicians using the Help Desk feature.

Integrated E-Mail assures you that you are notified when a new help desk ticket arrives or when an existing help desk ticket is modified.

Web Tracks even has an Email-To-Ticket Converter which allows tickets to be created and managed through email conversations.

Self Service Help Desk Portal

All users of the software will have access to the self-service help desk portal. This web page allows users to submit new requests, lookup existing requests and search your knowledge base. In Web Tracks there is no limit to the number of end-users. When purchasing Web Tracks for you only pay for named technicians who work on the ticket requests.

Since Web Tracks integrates with Active Directory you have the option of letting your users sign-in to the Help Desk Portal using their Active Directory account and password. In version 8.1 and newer an option has been added which allows for automatic pass through user authentication.

Knowledge Base

Web Tracks includes a powerful searchable knowledge base that compliments the help desk. Knowledge base articles can be created from scratch, or built based upon exiting help desk requests. Through day-to-day use of the help desk, you can easily create a custom knowledge base that is tailored to your unique environment. When a technician creates a knowledge base article, he may choose whether or not end-users (as opposed to technicians) may view the article.

Knowledge Base Articles are created using a powerful Microsoft Word Style WYSIWYG HTML Editor. Articles may include inline images and may store files as related attachments.

Asset Management Software


Tracking computers in Web Tracks is the core component of your IT inventory. In Web Tracks, users, software, peripherals, and help desk tickets can be linked to computers. This makes tracking items associated with computers very simple. If a new monitor is purchased for the computer, you simply de-allocate the old monitor and allocate the new one. The computer will still be associated with the same user, software, peripherals, and help desk tickets.

By using Web Track Audit, you can automatically discover and import computer records audits into Web Tracks.

Some of the computer information that Web Tracks keeps track of includes: hard disk space, memory, CPU type, manufacturer date, etc... This information allows you to get detailed reports on all of your computers and will assist your technicians when troubleshooting systems.


Web Tracks takes a unique approach to tracking and organizing peripherals. Peripherals would include but not be limited to monitors, keyboards, printers, docking stations, scanners, etc. You decide the granularity level of the peripherals you wish to track. You can customize the categories of peripherals you wish to track (e.g., displays, printers, network switches). You could even create generic categories to include office equipment not related to computers (e.g., copiers, projectors). Once you have entered information about your peripherals, you can allocate them to users and/or computers. This allows for detailed reporting on all of your assets, full computer hardware audits, and the ability to easily link Help Desk tickets to your peripherals. All of the peripherals you wish to track will be assigned an asset number. This will help you quickly identify any piece of tracked equipment.

Some of the peripheral information that Web Tracks keeps track of includes: peripheral type, vendor, model, serial number, computer allocated to, etc. This information allows you to get detailed reports on all of your peripherals, and will assist your technicians when troubleshooting systems.

Software Licensing

When you run Web Tracks Audit it will automatically create or update computer records in your database. You will then have a detailed record of the software that was found on each of your computers.

Web Tracks also provides an easy way to track software assets such as DVD's, downloaded programs, Open License Agreements etc. The program automatically counts your software assets to give you a total count of software licenses owned for each product.

Web Tracks is a tool that will help you complete a FULL software audit. If you are looking for software to facilitate a software audit in your organization be sure to compare the following chart.

  Audit PC's* Tracks Software
Assets Owned*
Tracks Allocation of
Software Assets*
Web Tracks YES YES YES
Typical Inventory Package YES SOME NO

*software audit requirement

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Document Management

Web Tracks includes a powerful documentation tracking section. The interface to the documentation module closely resembles other inventory tracking features within Web Tracks. The purpose of the documentation module is to allow you to track books, training materials, DVD's, as well as electronic documents.

The document management feature allows you to track electronic documents and associate them with other assets. A common use for this is to attach electronic invoices to your software assets. Doing so allows you to easily track product warranty information and software product activation keys. Documents in Web Tracks may be shared thereby allowing more than one inventory item to reference the same electronic document.


Web Tracks includes a purchase order section allowing you to track your IT expenditures. The Web Tracks purchasing module keeps track of each line so you can easily identify items that have been purchased but have not yet been received. Purchase orders are customized to show your company information and logo. They may be further customized using the report editor installed with Web Tracks.

Reports & Graphs

Web Tracks ships with over 45 built-in reports and graphs. There are reports on help desk, inventory, and purchasing. Can you within your present environment answer these questions?

  • How many PCs have less than 4GB of RAM?
  • How many computers are more than 3 years old?
  • How many laptop computers have hard drives smaller than 250 GB?
  • What displays and USB drive belong to Bob's computer?
  • How many pending help desk issues are there?
  • With what types of help desk problems do we spend most of our time?
  • Do we have an extra license of Photoshop, or do we need to order another copy?
  • What vendors are we doing the most business with this year? last year?
  • For what departments are we buying the most equipment?
  • What items have we purchased but not received?
  • When did we retire that old laser printer?

These are just some of the reporting capabilities built into Web Tracks. With Web Tracks you can answer all these questions and thousands more. All of the major tables are filterable and their views are exportable to PDF, CSV, RTF or Microsoft Excel. Web Tracks gives you the ability to create custom reports and graphs directly in Web Tracks. Every built-in report & graph included in Web Tracks was created using the built-in graph designer. All of the reports can be exported to Adobe Acrobat PDF, delimited text, Rich Text, Microsoft Excel, and HTML.

Go into your next planning meeting armed with the information needed to backup your recommendations.

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