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Home > Windows Applications > Web Tracks Windows Service

Web Tracks Windows Service

Executable Name: WebTracksWinService.exe

Default Location: C:\Program Files\Gritware\Web Tracks\Windows Service

Requirements: .Net Framework Version 2.0 or higher

Purpose: Performs Email to Ticket Conversion


This service is automatically installed with Web Tracks.  For the Windows Service to perform the task of converting emails to tickets the Web Tracks Email Settings must be configured with a POP mailhost, username, password and the Web Tracks base URL.

When configured the service runs the email check every 60 seconds.

If you are not using the Web Tracks Email to Ticket conversion feature you can stop this service and change the startup type to 'Manual' or 'Disabled' from the Windows Services Applet.

Errors and email conversion events are logged in the Windows Event Log under Application--Web Tracks.

You can manually force Web Tracks to check for emails by opening the Url http://YourIntranetServer/WebTracks/services/WebTracksServices.asmx and Invoking the 'CheckEmail' web service.  You must be using a browser locally on your web tracks server to perform the manual check.


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