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1077INFOWhat's New in Web Tracks 2017 (9.40)
MAJOR NEW FEATURES  SMS Text Notifications Supported Techncian user accounts now support a SMS Gateway Email Address. Technicians can automatically be "texted" when tickets are created, updated and transferred. There is also an option when usi.....
1076INFOWhat's New in Web Tracks 2017 (9.30)
MAJOR NEW FEATURES  SmartReply Managing Help Desk tickets just got easier. SmartReply gives technicians the ability to update ticket fields by replying to emails. They can reassign tickets, change the priority, add work hours and much more sim.....
1075INFOWhat's New in Web Tracks 2014 (9.21)
BUG FIXES  Marking the default tech group as inactive now properly clears the default flag.  The 'Hide this Menu Item' in Menu Settings now properly hides the menu item from all users.  Database Updater now properly uses [FirstName] [LastName] for the default tech group name instead of [FirstName] [FirstName].   Database U.....
1074INFOWhat's New in Web Tracks 2014 (9.20)
General  A Menu Settings Editor has been added to the Admin section. This allows you to change the main menu’s icons, text, tool tips, visibility, and order of appearance.  Added bread crumbs for easier navigation.  User ID’s in drop down lists are now formatted to show the users full .....
1073PROBLEMIIS Error -- The WebResource.axd handler must be registered in the configuration to process this request.
CAUSE: ColdFusion installs a global wildcard handler mapping which apparently overrides many of the standard .NET handlers
1072PROBLEMIIS is prompting for username and password when accessing reports or graphs
Your web browser will prompt for a username and password when attempting to access a page in the Web Tracks /Reports folder.  This behavior can happen if the following is true:  1. You have changed the root of your site in IIS from http://YourServerName/WebTracks to http://YourServerName  2. SQL Server 2008 is installed with reporting Services  When the above is true SQL Server Reporting Services intercepts requests to the http://SiteRoot/Reports folder.
1071HOW TOMove your Web Tracks Database to SQL Server 2012
Applies to Web Tracks 9.1 and newer  Note: This only applies to databases which are currently running on SQL Server 2005 or SQL Server 2008 that you wish to migrate to SQL Server 2012.   CREATE A BACKP OF YOUR CURRENT DATABASE 1. Open Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio and connect to the database server that is currently storing your Web Tracks Database......
1070INFOWhat's New in Web Tracks 2013 (9.11)
BUG FIXES  The 'Open PDF Print Preview' button no longer displays 'Invalid URI' when attempting to view a preview of a purchase order.  The 'Comment Count' column in the help desk grid no longer displays an incorrect count for tickets that are linked to more than one inventory item (issue applied to Access Databases only).  
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