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1085INFOWhat's New in Web Tracks 2018 (10.03)

Admin--Audit Computers--Import Audits now works properly.

Removed "xbtn_misc" text from Receive Purchase Order Line Items button.

Help Button is now available inside Admin--Email Settings

Fixed a JavaScript error on the main page. This didn't cause functional issues but on some browsers an error was reported.

1084INFOWhat's New in Web Tracks 2018 (10.02)

Line Graphs that group by a date field will now breakout in to months. This allows you to create line graphs that represent data over different time periods. For example you could create a line graph for Tickets created per month, or a work hours per month type of chart.

We plan to expand this feature in a future version by allowing the time span.....
1083INFOWhat's New in Web Tracks 2018 (10.01)

Smart Sizing is now handled on the server side and not on the client (browser) side. If you have the Smart Sizing enabled you will no longer see screen re-size flicker when pages load.

When merging a ticket, a pager option is now displayed when choosing the target ticket.

Selecting white (#FFFFFF) as the color for highlighting rows in g.....
1082INFOWhat's New in Web Tracks 2018 (10.00)


Mobile Friendly Adaptive Layout

Mobile view

The interface will automatically adapt to mobile devices, tablets, and desk..... Web Site Changes
Web Site Changes 

We have recently updated our website to be mobile friendly*. When you have a chance check it out on your phone!
  • Upgraded Web Server -- is lightning fast!
  • Maintenance Renewals can now be paid online

* this is a hint at what's coming soon to Web Tracks!
1080INFOWhat's New in Web Tracks 2017 (9.43)

Fixes a bug that caused "Tech Groups" to be automatically created when saving any user account. This caused unwanted and useless tech groups when the program did this for users without technician rights. The process now only proplery performs this action for new technicians to assure they have a personal Tech Group.

NOTE: this fix does not remove any.....
1079INFOWhat's New in Web Tracks 2017 (9.42)

Dynamic Date Filter Strings (e.g., Next Month, This Week) now work properly for regional settings that do not use M/D/YYYY as their date format string. This fix corrects graphs, reports and dashboard object variables that reference one or more dynamic date filter strings.

Fixed the dynamic text variables UserTechGroups, and UserID. When used on a rep.....
1078INFOWhat's New in Web Tracks 2017 (9.41)

PDF graph exports are now rendered to a single page.

AutoDeliverReportsAndGraphs Web Service -- fixed bug that can cause a report or graph to only be delievered one time even when it's scheduled to repeat.

Fixed bug where software version numbers would sometimes be formatted as date values.


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