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Backup & Restore

Web Tracks stores the vast majority of its data in a database.  If you are using an Access database the database will be stored in the App_Data within the WebRoot folder. 

NOTE: Default <INSTALLATION FOLER> = C:\Program Files (x86)\Gritware\Web Tracks

Files to Backup

Backup the following Folder:

Backup the following File:
<INSTALLATION FOLER>\WinService\WebTracksWinService.exe.config

If you are using SQL Server you will also need to make sure that the SQL server's data is being backed up.  You can open Admin--License and Registration to see your SQL Server details.

Restore or Move an Installation

If you switch servers or need to install Web Tracks to a new folder follow these steps to restore data from your most recent backup:

1.  Install Web Tracks  on the computer.
2.  Open Web Tracks (to verify setup was successful) -- do not need proceed with the Setup Wizard in Web Tracks.
3.  Restore the following files as needed...

Your Access Database File (does not apply if you are using a SQL Server database)
<INSTALLATION FOLER>\WebRoot\App_Data\YourWebTracksDatabaseFile.mdb

Database Configuration File (stores the connection string the site uses to connect to your database)
<INSTALLATION FOLER>\WebRoot\db.config

Other Configuration Files
<INSTALLATION FOLER>\WebRoot\sessionState.config (stores your session timeout settings)
<INSTALLATION FOLER>\WebRoot\authorization.config (IIS Security Settings)
<INSTALLATION FOLER>\WebRoot\authentication.config (stores the authentication method used by the site)

Site Icon (only need to restore if you have replaced this with a custom icon)
<INSTALLATION FOLER>\WebRoot\favicon.ico

Application Background (only need to restore if you have previously manually changed the background file)
<INSTALLATION FOLER>\WebRoot\images\backgrounds\bg_default.jpg

Custom Purchase Order Template (only need to restore if you have modified this using the Report Editor application)
<INSTALLATION FOLER>\WebRoot\reports\rep_PO.repx

Custom Service Desk Ticket Template (only need to restore if you have modified this using the Report Editor application)
<INSTALLATION FOLER>\WebRoot\reports\rep_Ticket.repx

Uploaded Images (inline images for knowledge base articles are stored in this folder)
<INSTALLATION FOLER>\WebRoot\UploadedImages

Configuration File for the Web Tracks Windows Service (only need to restore if you have manually modified this file previously)
<INSTALLATION FOLER>\WinService\WebTracksWinService.exe.config

4.  Restart IIS and the Web Tracks Windows Service

5.  Open Web Tracks.

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